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Business Contracts: The Heart Of Your Business

Contracts are at the heart of many business interactions and relationships. They also are at the center of a lot of business disputes. Many things can give rise to contract disputes, including confusing or poorly written contract terms, nonpayment allegations and nonperformance accusations.

We strive to take the confusion out of contract disputes for our business law clients. When helping you with your contract dispute, we will carefully review the contract in question and explain to you what rights, responsibilities, liabilities and enforceable provisions arise from the contract. We will also help you understand your options in the dispute.

Business contract disputes sometimes lead to breach of contract litigation. We can assist businesses that have suffered a contract breach with pursuing such litigation. We also can help companies accused of breach of contract defend against such claims.

Our contract services are not limited to just helping with contract disputes. Lawyer Michael Garcia has ample experience drafting business agreements. Whether you need a contract drafted or reviewed, we can assist you with your contract formation needs.

Protecting Your Business's Future

Legal issues that come up for a business must be addressed quickly and thoroughly. As such issues can impact profitability and the future of a business, it is vital for an owner to reach out to an attorney as soon as these issues arise.

Here at Michael Garcia, P.A., we know how much your company and its future mean to you. We help owners of construction companies, health care businesses, realty companies and other businesses address legal issues. As a firm based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, we provide business law services in communities throughout Miami-Dade and Broward counties and the state. We handle matters involving:

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