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Landlords are in essence business owners. Renters make a home in the space they rent. Disputes can arise that require the advice and help of a lawyer experienced with landlord and tenant issues. At Michael Garcia, P.A. we can help. We've worked with numerous landlord and tenants to effectively resolve their rental issue.

We have assisted landlords and tenants with issues including:

A Florida rental property is both a home and an investment. State and federal laws aim to protect tenants from discrimination, invasion of privacy and undue fees and deposits. Landlords also have the responsibility of property management, maintenance and the mortgage. We understand both sides of the issue and can advise you on your rights and the best steps to take to fast and effective resolution.

When A Landlord Terminates A Lease

There are many just reasons to terminate a lease. While landlord-tenant laws do vary by state, the three most typical reasons for eviction include:

  • Tenant fails to pay the rent or is habitually late in paying.
  • Tenant violates one or more of the lease provisions, such as subletting, or owning a pet when the lease clearly states "no pets".
  • Tenant violates the law with illegal drug activity, loud parties, or habitual nuisance behaviors that disturb other renters.

If you feel you have been unlawfully terminated, it is in your best interest to contact an attorney experienced in landlord-tenant law.

What Are Grounds For a Legal Eviction?

A landlord must establish a clear cause and must communicate clearly to the tenant. If no clear cause has been established, the court may not approve the eviction. Tenants who are part of a protected class (disability, religion, race, etc.) may require special notifications and actions be taken. It may be wise to consult an experienced landlord-focused lawyer in evictions that involves protected class tenants.

If you are unsure of the legal eviction process, it is in your best interest to speak with an attorney. At Michael Garcia, P.A. we have helped both tenants and landlords with:

  • Pay rent notices
  • Cure and quit notices
  • Unconditional quit notices
  • Just cause assessment and notices to vacate
  • Eviction petitions

Federal Fair Housing Laws

If you are unsure of how Florida state and Fort Lauderdale affect your rights, talk with Michael Garcia, an attorney who will work to protect your home, business, property and rights. Call our firm at 954-526-9811 or contact us online.

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