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Are you violating Fort Lauderdale municipal codes?

Municipal codes, the rules and regulations that a city sets up and enforces, may not always be clear to everyone who lives there. In Fort Lauderdale, for example, there are various types of municipal codes that could lead to citations for home and business owners who violate them.

It is important to inform yourself about the municipal codes that may affect your home or business so that you do not risk a citation. If the city has already issued you a citation, understanding why can be the first step to resolving the issue. Another essential tool that can help you in the process of navigating a municipal code violation is an attorney who has experience handling these types of cases.

Common homeowner municipal code violations

On the City of Fort Lauderdale's website is a list of the top 10 Fort Lauderdale municipal code violations. Several of these violations concern the state of homeowners' yards. If your yard has an accumulation of junk, debris and trash, this may be a code violation. Abandoned cars are also another common reason the city may issue a citation for a municipal code violation.

There are also certain standards of upkeep that the city expects every homeowner to maintain. If your yard is excessively overgrown, for example, with hedges that reach high enough to impact visibility on roads that abut your property, you may be in violation of city codes.

Business city code violations

Business are also subject to city codes. One of the most common violations is when a business operates in a residential area. This may not always violate city codes. However, if business operations that would not normally take place in a residential area disrupt the community, such as in the case of vehicle repairs, city authorities could issue a citation.


Fort Lauderdale authorities enforce city code violations through a nonjudicial hearing known as a "nuisance abatement." Although the hearing is administrative in nature, there can be a lot at stake. The city may assess certain fees on a daily basis for the alleged nuisance, and this can be a big financial burden on the home or business owner. 

Knowing how to respond when the city cites you for a municipal code violation is not always easy. It can be helpful to seek out the professional advice of a lawyer who has experience in municipal code violations in the Fort Lauderdale area.

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