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Construction disputes: Settling builder and homeowners disputes

When it comes to home repairs and renovations in the Fort Lauderdale area, one thing homeowners should do before hiring contractors is to screen them and their contracts carefully. In the construction industry, a poorly written contract can cause a multitude of issues when it is time to enforce it. Often, contracts are the only thing that keeps builders from taking advantage of homeowners. 

Keep in mind that builders rely on contractors, vendors, sub-contractors and other parties to complete their projects. All parties involved have contracts to lay out the details of what is expected of them, delivery terms and payment schedules. Disputes can still arise when there are issues enforcing contracts. Here are a few alternative resolutions homeowners should consider on construction disputes

Review the contract 

It is imperative for you to review all the details of your contract to make sure the perceived dispute is not due to misunderstandings. Identify all entities and document what you believe the default is so you can address it with the proper vendor/builder. Check for a dispute resolution clause. There may be several methods for resolution, including arbitration and mediation that can save all parties time, money, resources and their sanity. 

Arrange a meeting 

Meet with your builders/contractors to discuss the problems/issues. It is not unusual for construction disputes to arise because someone did not read or understand the contract before signing. Offer the party who defaulted an opportunity to cure the situation and continue with the project. 

Consider potential issues that may arise 

Keep in mind that it takes at least two parties for a construction dispute to occur. Try to stay calm and polite when interacting with your builders and their associated parties. If disagreements arise that you cannot resolve amicably and professionally, you may need to have the problem settled in court. Never attempt to default on your end of the agreement by withholding payment or the situation can become far more complicated than necessary.

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