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When contracts include arbitration clauses

In Florida, many construction contracts include provisions obligating the parties to resolve any disputes via arbitration rather than in court. The arbitration process offers several pros and cons depending on the situation.

Parties who want to litigate their contract issues in court rather than resorting to arbitration may be able to challenge a contract's arbitration clause. As with any contract issue, consult your lawyer about whether it makes sense to attempt to get out of an arbitration provision.

Is there any way to get out of a business contract?

You signed a contract with another business to deliver a service. Then, things change, creating a situation where it is extremely difficult for you to continue providing the service. You want out of the contract.

Many business owners end up facing this complicated problem. Of course, the best way to resolve this is to negotiate with the other party and try to get them to agree to let you go. When this fails, you may still have some valid legal options available to you.

Different types of breach of contract

The purpose of a contract is to outline each party's duties and hold each party responsible for fulfilling them. However, this doesn't always happen for various reasons. When this occurs, it's called a breach of contract. There are different types of breaches, and each determines the legal action you can take and compensation you can receive, so it's important to know which kind of breach you have experienced.

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